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Over the last few years, I’ve focused on my own personal growth and have had very meaningful conversations with incredible women that have been through similar experiences and feel the same way. We got together and came to the conclusion that while women were being encouraged to do more, be more, and have more, they weren’t being given enough direction on how to get there. They weren’t being given a starting point or springboard if you will, to get to their next level. 


Every woman’s next level of great is different depending on where she’s at in life.  Everyone has moments in their lives that are a verge.  A verge is that profound platform when you take that leap of faith onto your next level. We decided that leap should be celebrated. The Crown Kit is a gift to celebrate incredible courage!


 Our mission is to honor other organizations by delivering gifts to women that take leaps of faith and enter programs, reach out for guidance, level up in their career, and other life-changing “Verge” actions that truly make them Women on the Verge! Our gift boxes will contain standard items that we will include on a regular basis, and with generous donations will be able to customize the gifts for each organization that we support.   We look forward to the opportunity to support all levels of greatness. Of course, we’re stronger together, so we look

forward to your support!

Our Passion,

Our mission

Interested in filling a box for a local woman on the verge?

Contact us here.

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The Crown Kit Initiative


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