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What is a woman on the verge?

For the last few years I've been focused on personal growth, and I've been writing a lot in an effort to help not just myself but those around me. I started sharing my feelings on my social media accounts hoping that maybe just maybe I could make a difference in a positive way for someone that might be where I once was. On the VERGE. So I've shared bits and pieces of my own personal story and The more I've written, and spoken to different groups of women I realized that while we ourselves can be nurturing, sometimes we lack a space to be nurtured! That's when I knew there was a need to fill! However I didn't quite have a platform yet. I began to have the discussion with a few friends who had each been very successful in their own way. Each had had her own calling, and had come through adversity, or had overcome great challenges to earn her spot in the sun! We had each lived on the verge! Each has a magnificent story to share. At some point we had been stuck between where we were, and our purpose, and the magic really happens in that moment before the VERGE! I really began to think about how these discussions and others if shared could help women at different stages or phases. Then I began to think how or where can I share it?

My opportunity had already been designed. I just didn't know it yet.

A few weeks later I was presented with an opportunity. I was talking with Scott Sullivan , who is an amazing man by the way, about being a guest on MYOB . We were discussing podcasts, and the opportunity to share a message. We were discussing my career in Real Estate, and I found the courage to ask him, is there a spot for me to host? He asked me, what would your show be about? Real Estate? I didn't even think before responding. I was on auto pilot. I said very clearly and without hesitation NO. He said… OK what's your show about? I said Women on the Verge! He kind of chuckled but then asked, on the verge of what? This time I was very intentional in my response. Greatness, I said. Greatness, HE WAS ALL IN; and I've been looking forward to this moment to introduce it to you ever since.

So what is a Woman on the Verge? First of all she truly doesn't know how great she is! These women are also about to experience their own "watch me moment" even if the don't realize it. I'm very aware these days of these women when I see them. I like to define them as "watch me" moments quite simply because they are the moments that each one of us has- when someone else in our life tell us that we can't and our answer is quite frankly… Watch ME! There are 3 very distinct Verge moments for a Woman on the Verge. A watch me moment will happen either right before or right after a verge. I refer to the 3 distinctions as breakdown, breakthrough, and breakout! In essence watch me breakdown, watch me breakout, or breakthrough now WATCH ME!

I'll share a quick story… during my time in Real Estate I have had 3 very distinct watch me moments that I can think of. They each occurred as I was guided to move in a new direction. I would love to say that I was strategic in my approach, but I must confess that I was moved, and trusted my intuition at each turn. The first moment happened when I decided to go into sales of New Construction. During 2005 I entered the Real Estate industry and had decided I would make it and no one could stop me. After 8 months in I found out I was pregnant and thought I do not want to show homes in this heat! I had a wonderful friend the was in New Home Sales and she said why don’t you come work with me in the models? It sounded fantastic but intimidating! I had watched her what seemed like effortlessly help people buy their dream home in these beautifully furnished models. I also knew it wasn't easy. I decided to take a leap of faith! I was on the Verge! I knew it would work the moment I decided to share my opportunity with my mentor at the time. I asked him what he thought about it. I wanted the opinion of someone that had more experience than I did. He first response was, Oh no-you shouldn't even apply all builders in new construction only want agents with a minimum of 10 years of experience. All I needed to hear was "no you shouldn't" in my head I heard Watch ME for the first time I can remember.

So if you're about to experience a verge moment or have just had your own "watch me" moment I'd love to hear about it! We'll tell you how to share with us at the end of the show!

We all go through adversity to varying degrees. To what level we rise is what defines our strength. We never truly know how strong we are until we hit that verge. Through the last few weeks I've been asked what does it mean to be a woman on the verge, or to name an example of a woman on the verge. So let's talk about it for a moment and I'll give you my strongest example of a woman that I would personally say set an example for me. The verge is the moment when we decide that we are going to rise up and honor ourselves, our future generations, and those that have paved the way for us, when faced with adversity. It's that moment that defines what we do next. One of my favorite poems is from Maya Angelou- Still I Rise. One of the verses that speaks to our conversation here today is this: Did you want to see me broken? Bowed head and lowered eyes? Shoulders falling down like tear drops weakened by my soulful cries. Does my haughtiness offend you? Don’t you take it awful hard, cuz I laugh like I've got gold mines diggin in my own back yard!

These are the words that a Woman on the Verge is made of! We find strength in that deep hidden place, and rise above those words that others use to keep us on the verge, in between, and stagnant! Rise, rise, rise! I love that line does my haughtiness offend you? That in essence is "watch me" Your moment is coming and you know it!

Maya Angelou is the example of a Woman on the Verge! She was a single mother, a sex worker, a poet, she received more than 50 degrees and dozens of awards, a published author, and she was on Sesame Street, just to name a few accomplishments! Now ask yourself how many times did she cross the verge? How many times was she told by someone that she couldn't, or wouldn't, or shouldn't.

So we'll wrap it up here… I want to challenge each of you take some quiet time for yourself this week. Either write or type in a journal (paper or electronic), discuss, or meditate on your first memorable "watch me" moment. Then take that moment and share it with us and I'd like to share a few at the beginning of our next show. You never know how your story might inspire someone else. You can share it with us by connecting with me on linkedin: Stacey Vannasdale/ my Twitter handle @wotvnetwork, look me up on Facebook: Stacey Vannasdale or email us at

Our stories are meant to inspire others into greatness so be sure to join us for some of our future topics on communication, leadership, confidence, and business just to name a few. And please share with us if you have a topic in mind or want to discuss something.

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